About Us

Our History

The Mussel Barge Snapper Safari family have a long history with the Coromandel. Please take a read of our story below. Scroll down to see more details about each of our fishing barges as well as images from our boat building.


Mussel Barge Snapper Safaris was established as a fishing charter business by Roy and Gay Andrews. Roy spent many years working on the mussel barges along the Coromandel Peninsula and built up the business gradually by taking keen and eager passengers out fishing on the weekend.

With increasing demand from both Coromandel locals as well as New Zealand and International travellers, the guided fishing trips started to take off. Roy and Gay decided to go all in and purchase their very first vessel, the Maata II, in 1997 and they have not looked back!


As the business grew, Roy’s daughter Megan and son-in-law Darryl moved up from Hawkes Bay to help develop the family business. It became a real family affair, and the passion and ambition were clear to see. With local and international tourists enjoying the excellent fishing offered on the Coromandel Peninsula, the business continued to go from strength to strength.


To cater for the increasing demand, a new boat, the Koromoemoea, was added to the fleet. The Koro is a particularly special vessel for the Snapper Safari family. It was designed by Max Carter and built by Roy and Blair Beamish, with the help of some locals.

The Koro is a 9m flat bottom glass over plywood boat that is sturdy and comfortable and suitable for smaller groups. This new addition immediately doubled Snapper Safaris passenger numbers and saw the business expand rapidly.


Darryl and Megan purchased Mussel Barge Snapper Safaris from Roy and Gay and took over the management, development, and expansion of the business. It was important to continue the family tradition and see Mussel Barge Snapper Safaris grow through the next generation. The business has continued to develop with tourists visiting the Coromandel from across the country and overseas.


In November of 2013, Mussel Barge Snapper Safaris introduced Tribute to their fleet.

The largest and fastest boat, this 12m aluminium catamaran offers comfort, speed, and style to get passengers out to their fishing spots faster.

With 2 x 250 horsepower outboards the Tribute is able to travel out to the mussel farms quickly and comfortably.


Mussel Barge Snapper Safaris continues to enjoy hosting tourists from New Zealand and around the world. The business goes from strength to strength and despite a challenging year for all during 2020, the summer season is busier than ever in the Coromandel!

We look forward to welcoming you on board one of our three vessels and seeing you haul in a catch of Coromandel Snapper with friends and family.

Our Barges

Maata II

This ex-mussel barge was the first boat in the Snapper Safaris fleet with many fond memories had working the local Coromandel mussel farms.

This twin hulled 10m catamaran was redesigned into a fishing vessel in 1997 with the addition of new seating and a large canopy providing shelter from the sun. Maata II is an extremely stable vessel and offers passengers a comfortable ride suitable for an exciting day of fishing off the Coromandel Peninsula. Maata II has a BBQ available for you to enjoy with friends and family during your day of fishing.

Licenced for 20 fishing passengers or 40 sightseeing passengers.


The Koro is an excellent and stable charter vessel for fishing the day away with friends and family in the Coromandel. Designed and built by Roy himself with the help of a local
boat builder, the Koro really is something special.

The Koro is a 9m flat bottom fibreglass boat that was a brand-new addition to the Mussel Barge Snapper Safari fleet in 2002. Koromoemoea has a BBQ available for you to enjoy with friends and family during your day of fishing.

Licenced for 15 fishing passengers or 21 sightseeing passengers.


This is our largest vessel at 12m long and offers passengers a safe and speedy journey to the best fishing spots in the Coromandel with its 2 x 250 horsepower outboard motors. The Tribute was added
to the fishing fleet as a brand-new barge in 2014.

As a solid aluminium catamaran, it glides through the water with ease, meaning you and your friends can relax on the deck and enjoy the view while we pick out the best fishing spots in the Coromandel!

Licenced for 20 fishing passengers or 40 sightseeing passengers.

The Tribute Build